HackIt / SolveIt

Show your ingenuity! Hack It is a contest where participants resolve a series of challenges or tests in hacking, inverse engineering, cryptography, logic, puzzles, etc.

The contest is divided into two modalitiesHack It for levels more proper to programming and inverse engineering, and Solve It, for levels of logic, puzzles and riddles.

There will be prizes for the best Hackers and the best Solvers, apart from a first prize for the best team overall.

We will conduct a talk before the contest starts: Hack It / Solve It How-To, where we will explain the different levels and give some ideas on how to participate and solve the challenges. After this meeting, we will hold the already-traditional Hack It Start Meeting.

Solutions to problems will be shared after the competition in the Debrief of the Free Software area.

The schedules for each activity related to Hack It will be published in the talks section and on the official programme of Euskal Encounter 31.

The complete rules for this activity will be published on the Intranet during the party and at https://hackit.party.eus (solely accessible to accredited attendants of Euskal Encounter 31).

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