Other activities

Whether you are a scener, you are a gamer, you like modding or you don’t fit into any category… This is also for you! All you have to do is leave your inhibitions aside.

  • Music trivia
  • Film Trivia
  • Video game trivia
  • Mega trivia
  • Analogue Drawing
  • Fast comic
  • Fast Tale
  • Papers Flight Simulator
  • Plasticine competition


 Music trivia

Afina el oído y demuestra que a melomanía no te gana nadie. ¿Sonará tu canción favorita?¿Algún grupo, banda o solista de tu niñez? A poco que te guste aunque sólo sea cantar bajo la ducha no lo dudes y apúntate para pasar un buen rato.


 Film Trivia

If you like movies, be it a lot or a little, in this trivial you will see that you know more than you think... or not.


 Video game trivia

With so many gamers at the event, the time has come to show who knows more.


 Mega trivia

A trivial... different.


 Analogue Drawing

Show that in addition to using your PC you also have a hand for drawing. We will give you a theme and you will have to draw a picture the old-fashioned way.

 Analogue Drawing in Euskal Encounter 30 - Author: 'Jauro'          Analogue Drawing in Euskal Encounter 30 - Author: 'redcandet'

 Fast comic

We give you a theme and you have two days to capture it in comic format.

Fast comic in Euskal Encounter 30 - Author: 'chicadelgorritoamarillo'

 Fast Tale

We give you a theme and you have one day to write a short story.


 Papers Flight Simulator

Humans have always dreamt of flying, and now we’ll give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true. A round to test distance flown and A BATTLE ROYALE!!


 Plasticine competition

Not everything at Encounter requires a keyboard and a mouse. We’ll give you a load of plasticine and you just have to show us what you can do with it.

Plasticine figure in Euskal Encounter 30 - Author: 'SergioVazq'

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