Voxel Art

If you love creating universes in Minecraft and you are interested in creating 3D graphics, this competition is for you.

For more information about Voxel Art and simple creations, don't miss Aki's conference at Euskal 29: #EE29 | Introduction to Voxel Art with Magicalvoxel for videogames

Submitting the entries: Each participant will sign up and upload the entry to the Intranet and will be able to check that the entry has been uploaded correctly.

Voxel Art can be created directly on your computer using specific software (MagicalVoxel, MegaVoxels, Qubicle, etc.) and with devices such as mice, light pens and digitizing tablets. 
Transforming a 3D model into a Voxel is not allowed, as the artist has to create the Voxel Art directly on the screen.

Production may have finished during the last few years or at the last minute in the party itself. The time that each participant invests in the final outcome will not be taken into account; rather, it is the final result that will be rated. To test your ability to create a Voxel Art in a short period of time, you may want to join the Fast Voxel Art competition.

The author must deliver the .VOX file, a screenshot of the project and the final render (the competition entry) so that it can be projected onto screens, and a minimum of 5 .VOX files showing the different steps in the process of creating the Voxel Art. They must be numbered as follows: if the final .VOX file is called GOGO.VOX, the steps shall be called GOGO01.VOX, GOGO02.VOX, ... GOGO05.VOX and GOGO06.VOX. The GOGO01.VOX file will be the oldest, the least complete, and GOGO06.VOX will be the final file (the competition entry). 

The intermediate steps will be shown to the jury.

The files will be delivered in a compressed file (ZIP) along with a .txt file, with a brief explanation (maximum three lines) of the programs and techniques used.

Only one entry per author will be allowed.

The General Rules will apply along with these rules.

The use of artificial intelligence is not allowed. The works that use it will be disqualified.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of its rules and the decisions of the jury.

Voxel Art winner in Euskal Encounter 30 - Author: 'aweson'

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