Begitxo Avatar Challenge

Would you like to create your own Begitxo avatar for the party intranet?

We put at your disposal the necessary resources so that you can create your avatar proposal for Partynet.

Begitxo crazy witch addicted to role playing, Begitxo gamer oldschool breaks arcades, Begitxo athlete plays soccer pachangas,… Unleash your imagination by creating what you think is the perfect avatar to represent you or members of your group.

The best avatars will become part of the partynet Begitxos family.

The supported format is .png.

Only one entry per author will be allowed.

When you have finished, upload your productions directly to the Intranet.

Only one entry per author will be allowed.

The presentation of the works will be carried out under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs use licence, even when the author indicates a different usage licence or none at all. 
The works must be original and free of royalties. In addition, they must not have participated previously in any another contest.

A jury appointed by the organisation will evaluate the works submitted based on their technique, originality and artistic quality and eventually they may possibly declare the competition void if they deem that the quality of the works is insufficient. 
The jury's decision is final.

The General Rules will apply along with these rules.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of its rules.

Do not forget to include your name or nickname and seat at the party. The Organisers reserve the right not to screen those productions whose contents are offensive (specifically, ours) or are deemed to be inappropriate.

Avatar winner in Euskal Encounter 30 - Author: 'napacool'

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