TEMA AMV: Love and hate.

Make an AMV using as a base images from anime in which you show us the concepts of Love and Hate as well as their own relationship.

An Anime Music Video, better known as AMV, is a musical video generally done on anime themes. The AMV is characterised mainly by being composed of scenes from one or more anime series or movies, accompanied by a song with which it attempts to syntonise. Due to their multimedia character and their being done informally by anime fans, the biggest medium for AMV screening is internet, over websites such as and Youtube. And now the Encounters!!


Once started the party you can upload your creations to the Intranet.

Only one entry per author will be allowed.

The General Rules will apply along with these rules.

The use of artificial intelligence is not allowed. The works that use it will be disqualified.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of its rules and the decisions of the jury.

Do not forget to include your name or nickname and seat at the party. The Organisers reserve the right not to screen those productions whose contents are offensive (specifically, ours) or are deemed to be inappropriate.

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