Open LED Race

This year you can feel the same "drive" as a Formula 1 driver feels, albeit in a slightly different way... Reckon you'll have enough "drive" to press the button fast enough to win?

What's a LED race all about?

It's a race in which 4 contestants have to press an arcade-style button to move their LED colour around the track.

The first to the finishing line wins and qualifies for the next round. It's as easy as that and great fun ✌

Original project

The Open LED Race was been one of the activities held at the «Sevilla Maker Society» makerspace to mark the Arduino Day 2019.

Ever since, the Open LED Race has evolved as an independent project, driven by some of the members (, and you can follow them at

Qualifying Round Times

Saturday, 22nd July from 4 p.m. onwards

Sunday, 23rd July from 4 p.m. onwards

Monday, 24th July from 4 p.m. onwards


Monday, 24th July at 8 p.m.

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